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As the winter months come upon us, some will be looking to upgrade their current heating system before the chill arrives. Here are a few things that will help you make the best decision.

Consider Fuel

Are you burning oil or natural gas? The costs will be less if you stick with your current fuel type, but a change may save you money in the long run. Consider how long you normally use the furnace and what fuel is best for your budget.

Consider Your Home

Is your home large and difficult to heat? How old is the ductwork, boiler or the furnace? These are things to consider when upgrading and/or replacing your current system.

Consider Cosmetics

There’s a lot of design work to be considered when considering a new unit. The installation may mean new ductwork or going through walls. Do you have the necessary materials for the project? Consider addressing these questions in your budget.

Consider Construction

As with all things, the best solution in the world won’t work if it’s not administered correctly. Make sure your new unit is the correct size for your home and is set up correctly in order to attain maximum efficiency.

If you live in the San Jose, CA area and are considering furnace repair or replacement, contact our office today. We’ll send a trained technician to assess your needs and consult with you about the best solution for your home.