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Your HVAC system is used to move air throughout your home. The main circulatory system to this process is the ductwork. It works similar to a garden hose. However, instead of moving water, it moves air. This air movement and exchange is what improves the comfort in your home. Just as it’s easier to water a garden by using a hose, it’s easier to heat or cool a house by moving the air through sealed ducts.

HVAC ducts work best when they’re properly sealed. Too often, ducts are sealed improperly or have been neglected allowing the seal to leak from your HVAC system. When this happens, unconditioned hot or cold air can mix with your conditioned air and will cause your system to operate inefficiently.

The good news is that ducts can be sealed (or resealed) and repaired in order to stop air from leaking. Properly sealed ducts will lower heating and cooling bills, increase the lifespan of the system and improve its overall performance.

So how exactly does one go about sealing ducts?

Your local mechanical contractor and HVAC technician can provide an inspection of the ducts during your scheduled tune-up or an inspection of your ductwork can be scheduled any time. The system will be checked in its entirety and tested for air pressure and all leaks found and repaired.

Now about resizing…

Sometimes we find ducts that aren’t the right size for the HVAC equipment that’s installed. This can cause fans to burn out or the entire system to have to work too hard. Ducts and equipment need to work together in harmony and efficiency in order to be effective and having the right size ducts is essential to this process. The configuration of HVAC ducts should be part of any home plan, whether new or a remodel. If you upgrade to a new system, you also need to take duct size and configuration into consideration. It will help your system achieve its intended efficiencies and save you money in the long run.

For more information on ductwork and to have your ducts checked or resealed, contact our offices in San Jose, CA today. We have a solution for your home and will look forward to working with you.