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Because our air conditioners are always outside, they face every type of weather that the year may bring. This makes them susceptible to becoming clogged with debris. This is especially true in the fall and winter seasons. One of the ways you can prevent this is through the use of an air conditioner cover.

Air conditioner covers help to guard against debris that may damage the unit such as small twigs and leaves. This debris can mix with water and particulate matter to form a type of “sludge”. This can block the drain holes within the unit and prevent it from draining as it needs to in order to function properly. Without this drainage, water may build up and damage the electrical components while allowing rust to form on other components throughout the unit. If this is allowed to continue, it may cause your unit to need repairs or to be replaced prematurely.

While it might be tempting to construct some type of shield or cover yourself, this can damage the unit more than it helps as the material chosen may not breathe well enough to allow sufficient air to move through the system. This causes the system to work harder than it should and may cause the unit to burn out prematurely.

A much better and safer solution for your unit is to have an air conditioner cover installed. If you don’t have a cover, now is the time to shop for one before the winter weather reaches full force. Many companies produce covers designed for specific systems and take into air flow and ventilation in consideration during their construction. These covers are cost-effective and relatively easy to install.

A professional will do the job and clean out the AC unit if needed, removing any sludge and moister. It’s a quick solution that can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

If you have questions about air conditioner covers and if they’re right for your system, contact our office in San Jose, CA today. We’ll answer your questions and find the solution that’s right for you and your home.