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As we move forward towards the end of summer, we find that the sun is still shining brightly, the days are still long and the air conditioners are still working overtime to maintain the comfortable living environment within our homes. Most people aren’t thinking about winter, much less whether or not they may need to replace their furnace. While it may seem a bit early to begin thinking about replacing your furnace, now is precisely the right time to begin considering it if your current unit is needing to be replaced. There are several reasons why, but here are a few to consider:

It Saves Money

Just as a retail store runs sales on inventory that’s going out-of-season, HVAC manufacturers try to get rid of last years models in order to make room for the newer versions that arrive in the fall. You can take advantage of this trend and get a great deal on an off-season furnace, whether you’re looking for high-efficiency equipment or a simple economic model.

It’s More Convenient

Spring and fall are the often the busiest times of year for HVAC companies. This is due to the fact that these transitional seasons are the most common times for scheduling annual maintenance. It also happens to be the time of year when people can no longer avoid replacing the heating and air system they’ll need in order to heat and cool their home. However, things tend to slow down at the end of summer and the technicians have more time available for HVAC maintenance and HVAC replacement. This gives the savvy homeowner a great opportunity that allows him to replace the system on his schedule.

It Gives You Time to Research Available Options

If you’ve had your heating and air system for two decades or longer, you may be noticing that your furnace repair costs have slowly increased as well as those associated with AC repair. Unfortunately, most heating and air systems, particularly gas furnaces, only last about 20 years before they begin to wear out. You could chance it for another winter and work out the problems if and when they occur, but you’ll have much greater peace of mind if you use these warmer months to begin researching the right furnace replacement now while the weather is warm. This gives you time to explore the available options without having to make a quick decision which you may regret later.

These are just a few reasons why you may want to replace your furnace while it’s still summer and the weather is still warm. For more information about heating and air systems for your home or business, contact our offices in San Jose, CA and let us know how we can help you. We have a wide variety of solutions available in both residential and commercial HVAC systems and are certain we have a solution that’s right for your needs. Call today to schedule a consultation and let us see how we can help you.

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