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If you’re finding that your system isn’t heating or cooling correctly, it may need a tune-up from a professional and repairs may be in order.

Oftentimes, the repairs that are necessary are due to problems with the wiring, a malfunctioning motor or problems with the air ducts. These issues are common and oftentimes can be both diagnosed and repaired in the same visit.

During the visit, the technician should introduce himself and ask questions about the system and what the problem seems to be. He will survey the system and take steps to diagnose the problem. He’ll check the air flow if possible and if the unit is simply not working, he will go on to check the power supply as well. When the unit itself is broken, the technician will begin inspecting the various parts and making replacements as necessary to solve the source of the problem.

The cost of these repairs can vary due to the work involved and the number of parts needing replaced in order for it to operate appropriately. The needs of every system are slightly different due to the differences in demand placed upon the system by the household. The make and model of your unit can also affect the cost as some parts are more easily replaced than others. When advising repairs, a quality technician will know exactly what to replace and will be able to explain the problems clearly so you can feel confident throughout the process.

If you’re needing air conditioning repair in San Jose, CA, give our office a call and set up a consultation with one of our expert technicians today.