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Preparing your home for the warm weather is a necessary routine for homeowners. An HVAC system is a vital element to a home, and should be tuned up on a regular basis. Spring fever can have you focusing on the weather outside, but you should also pay special attention to the climate in your home. The last thing you want to happen while enjoying the weather is to have your HVAC system break down. These four tips will help you prepare an HVAC system for the spring.

Check Your Air Filter

The simplest explanation is usually the right one. If you’re having problems with an HVAC, this should be your first solution. Over the winter, air filters can become dirty and clogged after working hard for months. Spring is an ideal time to remove a dirty filter and replace it with a brand new one. Get in the habit of checking the air filter every month, as a dirty filter can lead to unnecessary expenses down the road. If the system is in use frequently, a filter might have to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep your home breezy all day long, doing so can make your energy bill soar. A programmable thermostat will give you to have complete control over the temperature and allow you to maintain the comfort your family is used to. These thermostats can be programmed to change the temperature while you’re away or sleeping and can cut an energy bill by at least 10%.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance with an HVAC professional every spring and fall to ensure the system is operating as it should be. A spring preventative maintenance is particularly important because of the effects a harsh winter can have on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC system, decrease energy bills, and reduce repair costs. An HVAC contractor will inspect evaporator and condenser coils, inspect the wiring and filters, and check the temperature drop.

Clean Up

The winter likely brought debris and leaves that have been there for months. Remove dead leaves that have built up around the unit, and check inside the top grille of the unit and remove any debris that is there. When you begin mowing, be sure the lawn mower isn’t discharging trimmings into or near the unit. Once the spring season kicks in, it’s a good idea to check for debris on a weekly basis. There should be at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor unit and heat pumps. Clean out the gutters and downspouts in order to maintain proper ventilation in the home.