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Like all things in regular use, perhaps even your air conditioning unit may require repairing in the future. Some things in the unit could be easily repaired if they fail| broke. Say for example, your air conditioner does not cool enough even when it’s operating fine. In this case, just a minor cleaning may deal with the problem. So adhere to the user’s manual and if you’ve lost it already, request another copy of the same from the company. And to recognize the problem better and faster, decide to repair your air conditioner on a day that is fairly warm.

Steps In Maintaining Your Aircon Unit

Be reasonable while you repair. Cut off the power movement to the unit while you are at it. The air conditioning unit normally has a shut off panel for this. But in the event you don’t find any such panel, cut off the electricity to the entire house for that time. Also, rake away all debris from the condenser outside while you kick off the cleaning process.

The initial step when looking for breakdown is to take the grill cover off the condenser. Then clean the blades or fins with a soft brush or some soft material, making sure to see that you do not break the delicate fins by any means. After cleaning these, you need to dry them. Next, extract the screws and take out the grill-cover very cautiously because the fans remain connected to them and you may unintentionally pull loose some wires. Then you have to hose out the fins, always keeping the motor covered with some water resistant material. And since you have already taken apart your air conditioner so much, you might just as well grease the motor a little in this chance. Finally, returned all the parts in their right places and you are finished with a short and simple air conditioner repairing effort.

Task After Maintaining Your Airconditioning Unit

Now, to see if you’ve positioned it all right, switch the power on and let the unit run for some time. Put your hands on the 2 pipes connected with the condenser. If one is hot and another cool, your unit is good. But if it isn’t so, probably you have to recharge the refrigerant. And this can’t be done alone. So call a professional.

If your air conditioning unit does not get on instantly, you may look into the following steps. First, make sure that the thermostat is put to cool and is below the room temperature level. Second, a blown-out fuse might also be the cause as much as a tripped breaker on the main panel. Third, keep the power button on the furnace and the condenser switch on the outside turned on. Fourth and lastly, ensure that the 240-volt disconnect is not switched off. It is placed just alongside the outside compressor.

Contact Your Professional Aircon Maintenance Company

The above steps are not complicated and therefore can be followed comfortably any time. These basic do-it-yourself repairs can also be done at your personal time and convenience. Furthermore, they help with your expenditures to a large extent. These savings can come in handy when there’s some notable breakdown and you should have professional help.