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Check these items before you call the AC repair company.


  • Is the unit blowing air? AC units are designed to only work about 20 – 30 degrees from the outside temperature. So if it’s 98 outside most AC systems will only blow out 68-78 degree air. Go to the closest vent and check the temperature. Is it any colder?
  • If it is but not really COLD, check the filter in the unit. If it’s dirty, change it. If it’s not there, then the fan/blower could be clogged. You should leave cleaning it to a pro, or risk losing a finger if the thing kicks on, and you didn’t turn off the breaker.
  • Check the condensation drain line, pan, and pump. If the drain is clear, can you see mold and algae? Try to run some bleach through the line. The system will ‘trip’ off if it can drain, to prevent a water flood.
  • Is it really humid? The humid air blowing over the cold coils will turn to ice, and block the airflow. Try turning of the unit for a few hours and see if the air becomes cold when you turn it on again. This is a common problem in offices that turn off the air at night and back on in the morning.
  • Check the thermostat. If it’s old, non-programmable you might want to change it. This is pretty easy for standard AC/furnace units, a little harder for heat pumps.
  • Try this: Turn on the ceiling fans, open all the doors and let it run at 76. If it can’t get to 76 and you have done the previous steps, it’s time to call the AC repairman.


  • AC systems run on high voltage and gas. Be very careful.