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Summer is here, but the very hottest weeks are yet to come. If you forgot to tune up your air conditioning unit, it’s not too late! Making air conditioner repair and maintenance a priority can help to lower cooling bills and to provide a cool, comfortable environment for you and your family.

Having an air conditioner tune-up can have the following benefits:

Higher Energy Efficiency

Improved Reliability and Fewer Repairs – by proactively identifying and replacing those worn parts which could surface during a thorough inspection

Increased Unit Lifespan – by fixing small problems early and performing preventative maintenance regularly, you’ll enjoy longer use

A proper air conditioning tune-up will include a thorough cleaning and inspection of all the parts of the unit. In addition, thermostats will be tested and adjusted, moving parts will be lubricated and instruments will be used to test all motors, belts, fans and other parts of the air conditioner. The refrigerant level will also be checked.

Any additional repairs will be recommended and maintenance scheduled. All this will help to ensure a cool summer for you and your family. To schedule an AC tune-up, contact our offices in San Jose, CA. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.