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Usage Of Air Conditioning Units Are On The Rise

The use of air conditioning units these days is on the rise, now that the temperatures are soaring high especially during the day. People use and abuse them practically every day, but users fail to take care of it, particularly during off seasons. To ensure that your unit remains in its optimal working condition and be of service to you for a long time, you need to know how to properly maintain it. Plus, doing so will keep a hold of your power bill. The good news is that the upkeep of air conditioning units is actually easy.

But before anything else, you might want to read through the manual of your central air conditioning unit first. It should contain all the necessary information to help you understand the air conditioning components of your unit. Once you have done this, maintenance should be made easier. Here are some of the parts of air conditioning units that you need to regularly look into.

Different Parts Of Air Conditioning Unit

Air Filter

Make sure that you replace your unit’s air filter according to the recommendation provided by the manufacturer in the manual. Keep in mind the more you skimp on the quality of your replacements, the more you will need to replace it. There are filters that will have to be cleaned once a month or every four months.

Thermostat Temperature

The temperature of the thermostat should be maintained at a constant temperature, regardless if you are at home or not. With a constant temperature, your unit will work less to provide cooling. Many people believe that it should be increased when leaving the home but this will only cause your air condition to consume more power to cool the room.

Cooling Coils and Air Vents

Make sure that the cooling coils are regularly cleaned and yearly checked. Clean this by putting water on them with pressure. Ensure that you switch off your unit as you are cleaning it. Have some sort of absorbent material that will serve as the protection under your air vent. If an air conditioning unit is not kept in a good state, there is a high chance that water will come out of these air vents.


Keep your compressor unit away from dirt and dust. You can use a water hose to do so. This will enable to air to flow more efficiently through the cooling fins on the component. When air conditioning is not needed, like in winter, cover the compressor with a cloth to prevent dust from accumulating. Look into the hose connections for leaks and the condensate tubes for any blockages.

Panels and Screws

Make sure that the panel of your unit is tightly screwed. For window air conditioners, it is advised that you remove them when they are not to be used for a long period of time. Such kinds of units need to be positioned so they are least exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, they will not effectively function. You can use plants, though, to shade them from the sunlight, just make sure that you do not block the airflow.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning Units From Reputable Company

Aside from doing all these maintenance tips, get an air conditioning service from a professional technician regularly. Subject your air conditioning unit for repairs as soon as you encounter problems with it.