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As temperatures continue to drop, some homeowners will watch their heating bills rise. It pays to find ways to lower these costs and to efficiently heat your home. A little effort will go a long way and following these simple tips could result in big savings throughout the winter months!

  1. Check Your Filters – a dirty filter forces your unit to work longer and harder than it should to force clean air throughout your home. Replacing the filters regularly will make it easier for your system to function, increase the overall life of your system and save you money.
  2. Keep Cool – Try to keep the thermostat a few degrees lower when possible during the days when it may not be quite as cold. One or two degrees may not seem like much of a difference, but it will add up throughout the winter.
  3. Check your ductwork – any leaks or gaps in your air ducts costs you money as the warm air escapes through them instead of being pushed through to warm your house. These must be sealed. Contact a professional to seal and clean the ducts to provided optimum performance.
  4. Upgrade your thermostat – if your thermostat is not programmable, you’re missing a great opportunity to save money. A programmable thermostat can be set to lower the temperature a few degrees at night when you’re asleep or when you’re at work, resulting in savings that add up through the winter.
  5. Check your insulation – Heat rises throughout a home and if your attic doesn’t have proper insulation, you could be losing a lot of money as a result. If the joists of the attic can be seen above the insulation, you probably don’t have enough. Look for insulation that is greater than R-13, but no more than R-30

Following these five simple tips can go a long way in keeping your heating costs low this winter. If you would like more information, contact our offices in San Jose, CA today. We offer heating repair services and can inspect your system to determine its needs. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.