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One of the main tools in keeping your home cool is your air conditioner’s condenser. It’s working every time you use your air-conditioner and from time to time needs a little upkeep in order to keep things running smoothly. Summer is a rough time for AC systems due to all the changes in weather and the increase of use. In order to keep your condenser running smoothly, here are a few tips…

  • Keep it Clear

Your condenser weathers the elements all year long, day and night, which means it’s been exposed to mud, dust, leaf particles and more. It’s not uncommon for some debris to enter the condenser and sink to the bottom. This sometimes forms a thick sludge that if not cleaned out, can cause you problems in the long run. We recommend having a professional clean your condenser during your scheduled AC tune-up.

  • Keep it Covered

A great cover for your outdoor unit can go a long way in keeping your unit clean and clear year around. Contact us to learn more about which cover might be best for your particular system.

  • Watch Out for Dogs

We know you love your four-legged friend! But if your dog is urinating near or on your AC unit, it can potentially damage your condenser. Think about purchasing a cover, or building a small fence around your unit in order to keep it free from unwanted pet attention.

  • Trim Often

Vegetation growing in or around your unit can cause problems with efficiency due to poor air circulation. A few feet of space trimmed around the unit – including those plants or trees above it, will help decrease the risk of problems.

  • Choose Your Battles

Sometimes even the best tools need to be replaced. If your condenser is old or broken, it may be time to face the facts and look into purchasing a new unit. We will work with you to help find the best solution.

Bonus Tip: Know When It’s the End

Sometimes, the bottom line is that there’s only so much you can do to save a condenser that’s old or broken. It’s hard news to break to a homeowner, especially since many are wary of HVAC contractors trying to sell them on a new unit they don’t need. That’s why we try not to pull the plug on any system unless we absolutely have to.

For air conditioner in San Jose, CA repair or more tips on heating and air systems, call Atlas Trillo at (408) 286-8931.