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Here in San Jose, California, there’s one question that’s common to hear during the summer months, “Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling my home!?”

We offer air conditioning repair, but here are a few questions that might help diagnose the problem…

Is there no air coming out of the supply vents, or is it just not cold?

If no air is coming out of your supply vents at all, move ahead to the second question. If you answered “yes”, follow these steps:

1) Check the thermostat fan setting— Does your air conditioner run cold air sometimes but hot air other times? Make sure the fan setting is set to “auto” not “on”, which will cause your AC to blow air even if it’s not being cooled.

2) Check the air filter— If the air coming out of the supply vents is not very cool, check to see if the filter is dirty and whether or not it needs changed. A dirty air filter blocks airflow to the air handler.

3) Check the outside AC unit—Is the outside unit covered in dirt or debris? Clean it. Also, consider trimming back trees and shrubs to give the unit breathing room. Is the outside fan not working? A professional needs to fix it. Otherwise, the outside unit can’t cool down refrigerant to cool your home’s air.

If none of these helped, the AC unit may be low on refrigerant. However, this is caused by a refrigerant leak, which you’ll need a professional’s help to find and fix.

Is your air conditioner not blowing any air?

If no air is coming through your supply vents and the AC unit isn’t working at all, follow these steps:

1) Check your thermostat temperature— Set the temperature setting at least 5 degrees below your room temperature.

2) Make sure the thermostat is set to “Cool”— Seems simple, but it’s easy to find it’s been set to “Off” or “Heat” by accident.

3) Check the air filter— If an air filter gets too dirty, it will block airflow and freeze the inside unit. Change the air filter if necessary

4) Make sure that electricity is going to your air conditioner—This means checking service switches. These are located by the compressor in the outside AC unit, at the air handler in the inside AC unit (where the furnace is typically located) and at fuses and circuit breakers in the electrical panel

If any switches are set to “off”, then there could be a problem with your air conditioner.

At this point, it’s time to call a professional to figure out why this is happening.

If you need help finding any of the switches we mentioned, contact our offices for assistance.