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Home automation used to be an idea saved for SCIFI and James Bond movies but with today’s technological advances there has been an explosion of home automation systems and contractors to satisfy the demand. The fully encompassing home automation systems that can control almost every electronic connection in your home from a the lights in your house to the doors, HVAC system, and kitchen appliances can all be controlled remotely via phone or computer anywhere with a internet connection. This new trend is becoming a lot more popular and affordable for middle class folks looking for a new age touch to their modern day lives. This has huge implications in heating and air conditioning. Now HVAC contractors are competing to cater to the demand of home automation and many contractors aren’t evolving to the new trends of duct sensor zone systems, and the new full control of the nest system, which can sense when you are home or not and recognize the temperature pattern you like. These high tech systems are revolutionizing the home service and construction industry allowing the homeowner to see and control their usage in the palm of their hand anywhere in the world, which as an end result makes your home and energy usage more efficient. When choosing a home contractor it is important to know whether they can give you the options and industry knowledge you are looking for in a modern day service industry and you can be sure you’re getting the best in industry knowledge and options with Atlas Trillo.

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