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The ducting in your home holds an important job of moving air throughout your house via your heating and cooling system. Overtime, it is possible that air ducts will become contaminated or dirty with dust and mold. If people in your family have environmental sensitivities, they may have health issues connected with dirty air ducts.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency does not specifically recommend air duct cleaning, you will learn important information that will help you decide whether you need to have yours cleaned. Once you are ready to proceed, learn these 5 tips to ensure that you are cleaning your ducting the right way.

Tips For Cleaning Your Heating And Air Ducting

Assess For Mold

Mold develop in areas where moisture accumulates with inadequate ventilation. If mold develops inside your air ducts, it can create an unhealthy indoor environment because mold spores are released into the air and enter your living areas as air travels through the ducts. Once mold develops it will appear inside the hard surfaces of the ducts or on other areas of a heating and cooling system. If insulated air ducts develop mold with moldy and moist insulation, the best course of action would be to remove the damaged insulation and replace it.

Check For Debris And Clogs

It is also possible for clogs to accumulate in air ducts from debris and even from insects and rodents. Should this happen to an extreme degree, you can even notice particles releasing into the air from the air ducts. The danger from these particles blowing into your home comes from possible mold and mildew that might have developed from decaying organic matter.

Get A Cleaning Estimate

Because the air duct system is likely extensive, traveling through areas of your home that might be hard to access, it is usually a good idea to hire a professional air duct cleaner. Supervise the estimate process so you see who the representative examines your ducts to get at the estimate. Should the representative suggest that mold exists in your ducts, insist on laboratory analysis to confirm before proceeding with mold removal.

Follow EPA Recommendations

Understand that if you are replacing moldy insulation or cleaning out existing mold, part of the repair process should include remedying the environment that has allowed the mold to develop in the first place. If you fail to fix these issues, the more mold is bound to develop in the future.

Choosing A Professional

Look and research for any companies that you consider hiring for air duct cleaning, get testimonials or references from satisfied customers. Also check if other customers have registered complaints about your prospective companies. Get an estimate before you hire anybody and ensure that you a contract for service that includes price and services provided, along with any service guarantees.

Clean Your Heating And Air Duct For A Longer Life

While clean air ducts will not necessarily guarantee a more efficient cooling and heating, or the longer life of your HVAC unit, occasional ducting cleaning would actually make sense.