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As we near winter and temperatures continue to decline, you may find your home furnace performing at less optimal conditions.

Here are five common furnace problems and some thoughts on how to solve them.

  1. Check the Batteries

Some thermostat systems use batteries as their power source. If your furnace is having issues, it may be as simple as replacing the batteries. It sounds easy but is often overlooked when homeowners are seeking solutions.

  1. Check the Switch to the Thermostat

Look to see if your thermostat is on the right setting as some require the setting to be placed on “heat”. Simply checking can provide a quick solution once the thermostat is switched to the correct setting.

  1. Check All Switches

The power switches for the thermostat need to be checked. While the thermostat may be correctly set on “heat”, there are other switches that may need to be adjusted in order for the thermostat to function properly. Check to see that the fan is set to “On”. If the fan doesn’t start, check the circuit breaker to make sure power is flowing to the unit.

  1. Check Your Filters

A clogged filter can do harm to your system. Filters need to be replaced regularly with a recommended rate of once a month. If the filters are clogged, the furnace can shut down or run less efficiently. If this persists, other problems can result.

  1. Check Your Pilot Light

Older models of furnaces have a pilot light. If this has gone out, it must be relit. Your owner’s manual should have directions. If dealing with an open flame makes you uncomfortable, you may want to call our office to set up an appointment where one of our technicians can relight the pilot light and inspect for any other problems.

Following these simple steps can save you both time and money. If you live in San Jose, CA and have furnace repair issues, contact our office today. Our trained experts will examine the unit and make possible repairs to make sure you and your family are winter ready.